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Haarausfall (Alopezie) bleibt rätselhaft. Anlagebedingter Haarausfall, Alopecia Areata und diffuse Alopezie (bei Frauen) sind am häufigsten.

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Oft unwirksam?

Medizinisch bedeutsam gegen Alopezie sind Propecia (Finasterid), antiandrogene Hormone bei Frauen, Regaine (Minoxidil)

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Haarverpflanzung - schnelle Option

Mit einer Haarverpflanzung können die Folgen von Haarausfall schnell korrigiert werden. Techniken wie die FUE haben große Fortschritte gebracht. Eine gute Planung ist entscheidend.

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There are a different types of hair loss. In men, the most frequent occurrence of hair loss is that of androgentic alopecia, which is characterized by its characteristic appearance with secretion councils. In women the diffuse hair loss is more common and another important group is alopecia areata

The topic of hair growth is very complex, because every hair grows for itself and completely independently. There is a cycle of growing and failing, the hair is constantly renewed. This is referred to as a hair growth cycle

The diagnosis of hair loss has two main factors: first the best way to record the precise amount and type of falling hair, as well as the search for possible triggers. A good trichologist can recognize a whole series of possible triggers on the hair, nevertheless a certain spectrum of laboratory values will be necessary and useful.

Unfortunately hair loss can still not be treated effectively in many cases. It is already a success when the hair loss is stopped and the bald spots do not increase dramatically. In this situation, it is important to think carefully about how to deal with it in the life day. In addition to treatment with medications, other options such as hair pigmentation, diet or with the coverage are to be considered

Regrowth of hair is rather rare, already a stop of hair loss can be seen as a success. Therefore, it is very important to deal with how to deal with the bald spots and make its appearance attractive.

There are a number of non-surgical ways to treat hair loss and obscure its effects. In addition to very well-known medicines like Fiansterid and Minoxidil there are also other possibilities like hair pigmentation.

A hair transplant opens up the possibility of concealing the bald spots in the front head area by a relatively small surgical intervention. The principle of hair transplantation is that hair on the posterior head usually does not fail and retain this property when it is placed elsewhere on the scalp.

There are well working  hair replacement methods in order to make your hair look fuller and thicker, or to cover bald areas with natural looking replacements

Many people try a special diet to fight their hair loss


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